There are many challenges fleets face moving towards a lower carbon future. Non-electric vehicle fleets produce emissions that are just unavoidable. To meet this growing industry demand, to avoid, reduce, and offset emissions, Shell TapUp delivers fuel to your fleet that can be carbon offset through Shell's Nature-based Solutions program. Not only will this help meet the demands, but your business can also support the management of valuable ecosystems around the world.

Co2 offsetting
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Your fleet will drive carbon neutral by having us refuel your fleet: to activate the service, simply sign up for our mobile fuel delivery service in the US.

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We are able to view your fleet's overall fuel consumption and calculate the associated life-cycle CO₂ emissions.

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We offset your fleet’s unavoidable carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon credits generated by a broad range of certified nature-based portfolio.



The terms “Carbon Neutral”, “Carbon Offset” or “Carbon offset compensation” are applied in a non-technical way to indicate that Shell hasengaged in a transaction to ensure that an amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that associated with the production, delivery and usage of thefuel has been removed from the atmosphere through a nature-based process or emissions saved through avoided deforestation. The CO₂e lifecycle emissions of this product have been offset with verified Nature-Based Carbon Credits.

1 “Carbon neutral” indicates that Shell has engaged in a transaction where an amount of CO equivalent to the COe amount associated with the raw material extraction, transport, production, distribution, usage and end-of-life ofthe Lubricants has been avoided as emissions through the protection of natural ecosystems or removed from the atmosphere through a nature-based process. COe (CO equivalent) refers to CO, CH, NO.