Ezra is a veteran truck driver with close to 15 years of experience and has a strong career advancement history at Shell TapUp. It was obvious that Ezra could take on the challenges of being a Mobile Fueling Trainer, and eventually take on the role as the Regional HSSE (health, safety, security and environment) Specialist at Shell TapUp.


Ezra starts each day with a deep breath and a prayer, giving thanks for the rewarding feeling that comes along with a career that helps others grow. The core values at Shell TapUp include HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) and quality as our first principle. It’s another reason Ezra enjoys his job, knowing he is teaching exemplary skills to his team and demonstrating why Shell TapUp is different from the competition.

Our core values sit at the helm of all our training at Shell TapUp. On a regular day as the Regional HSSE Specialist, Ezra and other trainers get to know the trainees and customers involved in the program. For Ezra, not only does this mean more facetime with a diverse group of people, but it also means achieving a closer perspective on the business side of mobile fueling. It’s more than training; it’s building relationships with his drivers.

“I still get phone calls from different drivers from different cities,” says Ezra Hill. “They call me, because they trust me and know I will help them find a solution to any mobile fueling issue.”


Hill’s biggest focus is to keep the Mobile Service Champions safe while they help customers adapt to mobile fueling. Ezra has found success in utilizing telematics to review and coach drivers, ensuring they are following HSSE guidelines or other operational protocols. For instance, if a vehicle is put in drive before a seatbelt is put on, Ezra is notified in real time. At the end of the day, he is proud to help ensure that Shell TapUp drivers are safe and that their behaviors help keep other drivers on the road safe as well.

Don’t just drive for yourself—drive for everyone around you.


While Ezra loves the safety side of mobile fueling, he also enjoys getting creative through videography and building training courses. Visual training helps keep trainees engaged and dynamic content can help support learning. “In my experience, visual learning helps the student store the information longer, helps clarify tough subjects and drives motivation,” says Ezra

Shell TapUp Mobile Service Champions agree that Ezra Hill is one in a million when it comes to being a well-organized, fun and inspiring Regional HSSE specialist.

Growing up in his hometown of Houston, Ezra had always loved trucks and was taught by his father who worked as a truck driver for 45 years that driving isn’t a selfish act. He carries that message to his team when he reminds them, ”Don’t just drive for yourself—drive for everyone around you.”

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