Making the switch. That turns out to be very difficult. For example, in recent years many companies have conducted research into how they can implement electric cars in their current processes. Here they often encountered various obstacles such as range and price. We often notice that a review to renew the fleet is pushed back a number of years.

But why wait so long if you can do something now? OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) need time to produce more sustainable cars in a scalable and affordable way. But doing nothing in the meantime is not an option. With Shell TapUp we offer a solution that is already applicable today and that does not require a large investment. By having carbon offset fuel delivered to your fleet, we can reduce the CO2 emissions of your fleet together.


But how will I make that last step, for example, to trucks that run on hydrogen? The current problem is that there are few petrol stations for hydrogen, so investing in a hydrogen fleet is risky. At the same time, the construction of new hydrogen stations is based on market demand. Investment is needed on both sides, so the risks are high. What if you build a hydrogen station and it turns out nobody near there invests in hydrogen-powered vehicles? Conversely, you may want a hydrogen car, but there may not be any hydrogen infrastructure in your area.

We believe mobile fuel delivery is the solution. Shell TapUp was established to accelerate the energy transition by enabling a mobile infrastructure to scale the supply of new energy products to you and your fleet. As a company, you are not dependent on the investment in petrol stations and you are served within the timeframe that you choose.

Would you like to make a difference with your existing fleet? Read more about our service here.