Savings, customer care and quality product drive fleets to switch to Shell TapUp

During onboarding, Shell TapUp worked with the Pinto Service team to schedule the best time to fill up their on-site tank during down time, usually between 6 and 9 a.m. The Shell TapUp fuel trucks are equipped with a pumping component for fueling of the tank, preventing traffic build-ups at Pinto’s limited space facility.

Additionally, the Shell TapUp web portal makes reconciling reports and viewing data simple and efficient, eliminating paper receipts that Pinto experienced with his last provider, giving him time back for value-added tasks. For his business, the most important numbers are price per gallon and the quantity consumed, allowing him to forecast budgetary costs and monitor fuel use in real time.

First and foremost, the reason for going with Shell TapUp was that the fuel prices were less than my prior mobile fueling service. Obviously with this ever-changing market, every little bit helps, especially because fuel is one of my top five expenses.

Frank Pinto, COO Pinto Service, Inc.

Pinto Service, Inc. runs a fleet of 60 trucks and has seen significant ROI since joining Shell’s mobile fueling service.

The Shell TapUp service team is available to assist with any fueling needs. In addition, the safety conscious, and courteous Mobile Service Champions consistently fill his tank with high-quality gas and diesel, which reduces the chances of costly cross contamination.

Pinto plans to expand the Shell TapUp service to power his on-site machinery, due in large part to the cost savings and attention to detail.

“Shell TapUp is very hands-on and easy to work with, like a mom-and-pop type shop,” Pinto said. “They are very responsive, their customer service and punctuality have been spot-on, and my fleet is on schedule every day.


Pinto Services, inc. has benefited from the reliable mobile fueling services, cost-saving tools and resources, plus advanced, quality fuels. These benefits include:

  • Saves money with over $500 a month in fuel savings from the previous mobile fueling provider
  • Shell TapUp’s high-quality, comprehensive fuel portfolio serves both gas and diesel fleets
  • Trained Mobile Service Champions fuel their on-site fleet tanks prior to when drivers need to use their vehicles, saving critical time and money

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